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Already a fan of Hydroheel? When a product changes your life, you naturally want to tell others about it. Our affiliate program is designed to reward our customers who are already sharing Hydroheel with their followers, friends, and family. It’s our way of saying “thanks for the referral”. Why not get paid for sharing what you love!


How to Get Started

1)    Register. Click here to register your affiliate account. 

2)    Verify You Are a Hydroheel Customer. Once registered, you'll need to verify that you are a hydroheel customer. After all, this

program is meant to reward our established customers. If you are not yet a Hydroheel customer, you may place an order at any time in our online store. You will not be eligible for earnings payments if this step is skipped. Email us at info@visintra.com with the subject title "Affiliate Verification". Include any information that you can to verify a past order such as an order number, your name, and/or an email used in your order history. Information must match the information entered on your affiliate registration. Once verified, you will receive an email reply.  


3) Watch this introduction video. 

4)    Generate Your Affiliate Link & QR Code. Once your account is approved, you will get access to your affiliate account. Through your account you will receive a referral link and a 10% unlimited discount code to share. This link and code is what you will share with friends, family, and followers so that they can receive a 10% discount in the online checkout. This unique link and coupon code tracks all sales referred by you. You will only be paid earnings from transactions that come though your link or coupon code, and the only way Hydroheel customers can get a discount on their purchase is through you! Hydroheel does not offer coupons outside of our affiliate program. This is a great advantage for our affiliates. 

5)    Start Referring and Earning. Refer people to your link and get paid on their purchases, and refer people to join our affiliate program for additional incentives and bonuses. Log in anytime to see the status of your earnings. All earnings will be paid 30 days after transactions occur. This allows a window time for any canceled orders/refunds. Earnings are paid out on the 15th of every month. If the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend, earnings will be paid out upon first business day that follows the 15th. Earnings balance must have a minimum of $10.00 for payouts to occur. If your balance is below $10.00 it will roll over into the next payment period. You will not receive earnings on your own personal orders, however you may use your link to receive a discount on your own purchases. Payment options are PayPal and Venmo which you will select when you register.

 6)   Terms & Conditions Your account must be active to maintain your affiliate status. If your account is dormant of referral activity for a consecutive 180 days (6 months), your account automatically closes. To avoid closure, you may submit a minimum order of $50

through your affiliate link before the 6 month deadline. If your account closes, you will permanently lose your level status and  earnings history. You may register for a new affiliate account at any time with a required $50 minimum purchase. 

Posting your links and codes on our Hydroheel social media pages can result in termination of your account. Be courteous and just don't do it. 

7)    Earnings Structure.  

 Level 1 Rewards

 ($1.00 - $499.00 in sales = 15% earnings)                               


  Level 2 Rewards

($500.00 + = 20% earnings)

 Additional bonuses and recognition are offered to top performers.

Tips For Success

1)    Social Media - Social media is a great way to reach referrals as those who follow you generally trust and value what you share. Use hashtags that will help interested people find your posts. Post videos showing yourself using the products. Share before and after pics, testimonials, and personal reviews. Make a review video on your YouTube channel. Create a clever or funny Tiktok. Share a before and after in a quick story or reel. Paint your toenails and share pedicure tips. Mention hydroheel in your tips as an easy on-the-go pedicure. Include your affiliate link in your posts to encourage a call to action. Feel free to share Hydroheel videos from YouTube.

2)    Home Demonstrations – Hosting a demonstration in your home can be a great way for friends and family to try before they buy through your link. Provide incentives if your guests bring a friend or if they would like to host a demonstrations in their home. Demonstrate how to best use the products. “Spa Night” or “Spa Retreat” can be a fun theme for promote your demonstration. Offer a foot therapy/foot rub or hand treatment and provide some healthy refreshments. Treat one foot so your guests can see the difference. Offer a prize drawing for those who order within 24 hours of your demo, or for those who participate in before and after pictures that you can share on your social media pages. These before and after testimonials are a great way to generate new interest.

3)    Pay attention to friends and family who suffer from dry skin. Dancers, skiers, athletes, diabetics, hair stylists, surgeons, mechanics, often suffer from dry, sore hands and feet. Occupations that require a lot of hand washing result in dry, cracked hands. Whether its lips, hands, feet, eczema, flaky skin, or cradle cap, when skin ailments come up in conversation share Hydroheel as a solution. 

4)    Special occasions are a great time to put in a plug for Hydroheel using your affiliate link. Hydroheel products are perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, baby showers, bridal showers, teacher gifts, Valentine gifts, and stocking stuffers. As these holidays and special occasions approach, remind friends and family to consider Hydroheel and offer your link. Use holidays and special occasions as an opportunity to introduce someone to Hydroheel by gifting them a product. Include your link or QR code in the card. Chances are likely they will want to purchase more when they run out. 

5)    Follow Hydroheel via our social media links at the bottom of this page.  




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