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Formulated with avocado, grape seed, orange, grapefruit, and lemon oil; Hydroheel's Hand Therapy is perfect for the toughest and driest of hands. Not only does it mend cracks around fingers, alleviate calluses, and restore softness, it also heals the cuticles and promotes healthy and strong nail growth. Ideal for hands that are exposed often to washing, harsh weather, and rough elements. Hydroheel's Hand Therapy is formulated to seal skin and protect it, while transforming it from the inside-out. For a deep treatment, massage ointment into skin and cover with non-latex gloves for 30 minutes. Remove gloves and wipe hands dry with a hand towel. Use daily until you receive desired results, then maintain 3 times per week. External use only.

Hand Therapy

SKU: 0004HT
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